Jason Bell
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Additional Projects


Find some of the things I've worked on and spoken about below.


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Inspired by Jake Knapp's Design Sprint methodology I've started using it in my own work. Utilising Google's methodology I've found a whole lot can be achieved, and by doing so you convert others to using your way of thinking.

Simple planning, listening, idea validation and building - simple, effective and powerful.



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From 2016-2017 I facilitated a monthly meetup in the North East bringing together those interested in startup culture.  Content for the sessions was designed to be interactive and constructive, reviewing what can be possible and helping those attended how they can change the world, with software.

Sessions included: Startups Against Humanity! - a tech twist on the horrible party game, Bioshock Startups - where teams could rebuild an entire underwater city and a version of The Apprentice where teams helped Lord Sugar deal with his firework problem.


Initially planned as a way to cure the quarter-life crisis 20Summit was designed to engage with career driven millenials who had found themselves adrift in their plans. 

The entire event had positive traction, support and enthusiasm from those taking part. Unfortunately the event had to be postponed due unforeseen circumstances, however I am confident that 20Summit will launch once more in the near future.


My academic studies are all dedicated to the purpose of understanding why things are the way they are. Using culture at the time and its impact on the modern day from myths to movies to memes, I believe how the world is constructed and perceived directly impacts on its future trajectory.

My MA culminated in understanding the figure of the zombie in modern culture, hopefully I will one day work toward a PhD understanding the role of the hero in 21st Century culture.