Jason Bell


I ask questions and listen. Engaging stakeholders in creative ways.

Solving problems and ensuring the right solution is delivered.


Jason Bell

I graduated from Newcastle University with an MA in Politics and Popular Culture. During my studies I approached cultural topics and dissected them using critical political thinking and research methodologies. This led to me understanding the political nature of the zombie in pop-culture, the cognitive dissonance of video games and compared the societal impact of the Clash and Green Day. I began my professional career in the sphere of market research working with both quantitative and qualitative data sets.

In 2014, I joined Turnitin as a Product Analyst; I researched trends in the worldwide education market & analysed products & feedback from different angles to identify benefits for students, teachers & stakeholders. During my time at Turnitin my role changed to more of a UX focus, solving problems and understanding the motivations of the stakeholders.

In 2017 I left Turnitin for my next challenge working as a Senior User Researcher at DWP Digital with my first project being a cross department review of data interaction. Following the successful delivery of the service which emerged from the needs of users I’m working as part of a successful team driven by delivery and user needs.

Outside the office, I aim to work towards my proposed PhD; examining the relationship between politics & culture, specifically the notion of heroism post 2001. I’m also collaborating on the development of an aspirational non-profit to support Arts and young people's careers in the North East, & I am an active member of Agile North East & North East Toastmasters.

My creative approach—no matter the medium—is to find points of tension in systems and subvert norms. Ask questions, make things approachable, easy to engage and consume. Pushing people out of their comfort zone is a good thing, but there should be reasoning behind everything.

To me, the best way to deliver for users is to speak to them, share their space, understand their true motivations and help them conquer in their own journey. To make this approach successful we need to engage teams in interesting and constructive ways, if you don’t have a team that’s engaged your process becomes far more difficult. Ultimately, it’s about creating products and services users love, solving problems.





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